AIOU 1431 ICT Assignment Spring 2021


Q1 (a) DefinthterICT, Describiwitthhelof proper example


Information  and  Communications  Technology  (ICT) will  impact  student  learning once lecturers area unit digitally literate and perceive a way to integrate  it into syllabus. colleges use a various set of ICT tools to speak, create, circulate, store, and manage info.(6) In some  contexts, ICT has conjointly become integral to the teaching-learning interaction, through such approaches as exchange chalkboards with interactive digital whiteboards, exploitation students’  own smartphones  or alternative devices  for learning throughout category time, and therefore the “flipped room” model wherever students watch lectures reception on the pc and use classroom time for additional interactive exercises. once lecturers area unit digitally literate and trained to use ICT, these approaches will result in higher order thinking skills, offer artistic  and personalised choices for college students  to categorical  their  understandings, and leave students higher ready to contend with current technological modification in society and therefore the work.(18)ICT problems planners should contemplate include: considering the whole cost- profit equation, activity and maintaining the requisite infrastructure, and making certain investments area unit matched with teacher support and alternative policies aimed toward effective ICT use.

 The Importance of ICT in Education

Today we tend to don't got to go from now on than our own residence or perhaps area, to ascertain some variety of ICT in our lives. whether or not it's a pc, plasma TV, or movable, we tend to all have them in some a part of our lives. In today’s society, folks as shoppers of ICT, all attempt for the one dream – the dream of a connected life.

This makes ICT a life-style selection for a lot of of the population. additionally, this life style selection is dynamical the method we tend to communicate,  increasing the speed of consumerism,  and dynamical however we tend to move and gather info (Sherringham, Dec 2008/Jan 2009).

ICT has invaded associate degreed reworked several aspects of our lives to the extent that we tend to sleep in an surroundings  that  is dominated  by technology that  itself is consumer-driven  (Semenov,

2005). regardless of however we tend to understand its presence, there's no denying that it's a very important

part of our lives which it's here to remain.

Key problems to recollect in relevance the importance of ICT in Education area unit that:


1.   E-learning  or on-line  Learning: The  presence  of ICT  in  education permits  for  new ways in which of learning for college students and lecturers. E-learning or on-line learning is changing into progressively widespread and with varied new events going down in our lives, this will  not solely  open  opportunities  for colleges  to guarantee  that  students  have access to syllabus materials while within the room however conjointly permits them to make sure students outside the room like reception or perhaps in hospitals will learn.

2.   ICT brings inclusion: the advantages of ICT in education is of specified students within the room will all learn from the syllabus material. Students with special wants are not any longer at an obstacle as they need access to essential material and special ICT tools will be utilized by students to form use of ICT for his or her own academic wants. Despite  this,  it  opens  up  new problems connected  to  the  'digital  divide'  and  providing access to ICT tools and resources for people who area unit less lucky.

3.   ICT  promotes  higher-order  thinking  skills:  One  of  the  key  skills  for  the twenty first century that  includes  evaluating,  planning,  monitoring,  and reflective to call  a few. The effective  use  of ICT in  education demands skills like explaining and justifying  the  use  of  ICT  in manufacturing  solutions  to issues.  Students would like to debate, test, and conjecture the varied methods that they're going to use.

4.   ICT enhances subject learning: it's renowned lately that the utilization of ICT in education adds a great deal of import to key learning areas like acquisition and accomplishment.

5.   ICT use  develops  ICT acquisition  and  ICT  Capability: each area unit 21st-century skills that area unit  best  developed while  ICT  remains clear  in  the  background  of  subject learning. the most effective thanks to develop ICT capability is to produce them with substantive activities, embedded in purposeful subject-related contexts.

6.   ICT use encourages collaboration: you simply ought to place a portable computer, iPad or pc within the room to grasp however this works. ICT naturally brings kids along wherever they'll speak and discuss what they're doing for his or her work and this successively, exposes avenues for communication therefore resulting in language development.

7.   ICT use motivates learning: Society's demands for brand new technology has not unnoticed kids and their wants. kids area unit fascinated with technology and it encourages and motivates them to be told within the room.

8.   ICT in education improves engagement and data retention: once ICT is integrated  into  lessons,  students  become additional  engaged  in  their  work.  This  is as a result of  technology  provides completely different  opportunities  to create  it additional  fun  and gratifying in terms of teaching identical things in several ways in which. As a consequence of this hyperbolic  engagement, it's aforesaid that they're going to be able to retain data additional effectively and expeditiously.

9.   ICT use permits for effective  Differentiation  Instruction  with  technology: we tend to all learn otherwise  at completely different  rates and designs and technology offer  opportunities for this to occur.

10. ICT integration could be a key {part of|a a part of} the national curriculum: the mixing of digital technologies or ICT could be a vital part of the Australian syllabus for instance, and this is often a trend that several international governments area unit taking on as they start to ascertain the importance of ICT in education.

11. we tend to sleep in a “knowledge economy": this is often associate degree economy wherever it's very important to possess the power to provide and use info effectively (Weert, 2005). it's a time once ICT is pervasive and permeates throughout all industries within the economy whether or not it should be health, education, surroundings or producing (Moon, Feb/Mar 2007). the importance of ICT within the Australian economy was emphatic within the recent article by Alan Patterson, chief operating officer of the Australian pc  Society,  in his statement  that the “ICT business currently  rivals  mining  in  terms  of  the  contribution  to  the  economy” (Patterson, Jan/Feb 2013, p. 8). 

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