AIOU 1627 Classroom Assessment Solved Assignment Spring 2021

Q1. Describe some unique features of assessment and explain how these features might contribute to improve teaching learning?


Various definitions of assessment and also the role it plays in teaching and learning:

1. Assessment involves the utilization of empirical information on student learning to refine programs and improve student learning. (Assessing educational Programs in educational activity by Allen 2004) 

2. Assessment is that the method of gathering and discussing data from multiple and numerous sources so as to develop a deep understanding of what students recognize, understand, and might do with their data as a results of their academic experiences; the method culminates once assessment results area unit accustomed improve succeeding learning. (Learner-Centered Assessment on faculty Campuses: shifting the main target from teaching to learning by Huba and Freed 2000) 

3. Assessment is that the systematic basis for creating inferences concerning the educational and development of scholars. it's the method of process, selecting, designing, collecting, analysing, decoding, and victimization data to extend students' learning and development. (Assessing Student Learning and Development: A Guide to the Principles, Goals, and ways of decisive faculty Outcomes by Erwin 1991) 

4. Assessment is that the systematic assortment, review, and use of data concerning academic programs undertaken for the aim of up student learning and development. (Assessment Essentials: coming up with, implementing, and up assessment in educational activity by Palomba and Banta 1999) 

Assessment for learning could be a commonly-used phrase to explain the thought that assessments will be utilized in commission of learning instead of merely measure what students have learned. However, merely naming associate assessment as being for learning doesn't create it therefore. we tend to should fastidiously take away what it means that for associate assessment to support learning and instruction. {this is often/this will be} wherever a theory of action can be most important for informing our thinking. Having utilized such theories of actions in multiple settings, I counsel the subsequent assessment options will support educational utility. There area unit probably different things which will be adscititious to the current list, however i think these qualities area unit crucial for associate assessment to be referred to as associate assessment for learning. 

1. Coherence With the Enacted syllabus. Assessments should be tied to the precise syllabus and/or learning progressions accustomed guide instruction. Standards area unit too distal (i.e., end-of-year targets) and usually too obscure to guide instruction. Therefore, if assessments offer feedback solely relative to state content standards, it's unlikely academics are going to be ready to do over some general re-teaching. State content standards outline end-of-year expectations, however do very little to explain all of the data and skills that result in these large-scale content standards. up learning needs task-specific feedback. Assessments tied to state standards aren't specific enough to guide such feedback. it's even worse once the assessments aren't even tied to the state’s specific content standards. 

2. things and Tasks that Support Deeper Thinking. If our goal is to form associate assessment system to each live and support deeper thinking, we tend to should guarantee our check queries elicit the proof of the advanced thinking we tend to want for college kids. This objective is very necessary in competency-based education systems wherever students area unit expected to demonstrate their learning through wealthy performances. multiple-choice things alone cannot meet this demand. Further, check things direct quality significantly, therefore it ought to go while not speech communication that high-quality things should use to support wealthy educational initiatives. 

3. Results that area unit at the correct Grain Size to Support helpful Feedback. Following from the primary criterion, the results should be given at a grain size at that academics and students will take action. Telling a student they're weaker in quarrelsome compared to narrative writing could be somewhat helpful, however not nearly as helpful as belongings a student recognize their thesis statement doesn't properly define the forthcoming argument. This second case is at a grain size from that students and academics will act to alter performance. 

4. Results that area unit Timely. we all know from the formative assessment literature that feedback is best once it happens presently once or perhaps throughout the performance. The speed of returning results is said to the grain size and also the reference to the enacted syllabus. the general public get pleasure from the moment gratification of obtaining mid-year or end-of-year check results back quickly, however will it extremely create a distinction if the results entails rectification wants from instruction that occurred months ago? certain, it would be necessary, however waiting every week or 2 wouldn't extremely create a distinction. On the opposite hand, looking for within the middle of a unit that a student is combating a key construct before misconceptions get solid permits for college kids and academics to require improvement actions. 

5. Results that Inform Instruction. The formative assessment literature suggests the results should be given in a very approach that academics and students perceive what to try to to next. Scores and sub scores tied to distal content standards don't carry enough intending to guide educational moves. I actually have long questioned whether or not academics perceive what quantity more durable or higher to show to lift a child’s score twelve points, as an example, on some scale they are doing not perceive. On the opposite hand, there's very little question that shut examination of student work is one in every of the simplest ways in which to assist academics and students perceive the strengths and shortcomings of a selected piece of labour

I totally support state and district efforts to initiate their assessment systems in commission of additional pregnant learning and assessment experiences for college kids. The 5 characteristics of assessments offered on top of area unit a place to begin for evaluating the degree to that specific assessments planned as a part of the IADA is also ready to fulfill hopes for educational utility. i believe a good reading of those qualities against the characteristics of most commercially-available interim assessments suggests they might come short on all qualities except the timeliness of the results. If such assessments area unit being planned as innovative and instructionally helpful, i'd wish to see the proof tied to a defendable theory of action so as to support such claims.

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