AIOU 207 English Assignment Spring 2021


Qno1: In Unit 1 you read a dialogue between Kamal Baig and the policeman. (complete question check in your given assignment)


1.  Who prepares your meal?  

2.  Why did you join this office?

3.  What is your education? 

4.  When do you leave for your home? 

5.  Where do you do your work? 

QNO2: Read Unit 2 and write a short paragraph of 100 words, giving information about your uncle. 


My Uncle name is Shahzad Abbas. He is about 40 years old, He is tall and strong man. He has black hair and black eyes. He is a school teacher.  He  wears  a  neat  and  clean  dress.  He goes  to  school  regularly. He is very dutiful and honest. He says his prayers regularly. He goes for  a walk daily. He plays football.  He does not like cricket. He also plays different games of his choice. He likes to eat vegetables and fruit. He dislikes chicken. He loves us very much. I am proud of my uncle.

QNO3. We meet different people belonging to different places or regions  of  Pakistan. How will you introduce the following people? 


Introducing People 

i.  A 30 year old man from Lahore in white shalwar qameez. 

Ans:   Meet my friend Shahid. He is 30 years old. He is very   intelligent. 

He is from Lahore. He likes to wear white shalwar qameez. 

ii.  A man with a turban clad in a checked cloth coming from Sialkot. 

Ans:   I would like to introduce my uncle. He lives in Sialkot. He is about 40 years old. He likes to wear a turban clad in a checked cloth. 

iii.  A woman in a saree from Karachi. 

Ans:  Let me tell you about the woman. She is about 35 years old. She is a lady doctor and works in a hospital. She is from Karachi. 

iv.  A gardener working in your house. 

Ans: I would like to introduce this gentleman. He is a gardener. He is about 35 years old. He works in our house and make our garden beautiful. 

v.  A little girl from Islamabad in bright blue clothes.  

Ans: I am feeling proud to introduce this little girl Shanza. She is in Class 4. She is about 10 years old. She likes to wear bright blue clothes.  

QNO4. Check questions in your given assignment.


Five Questions about Hiring the Shop

1.  What is the size of the shop? 

2.  How much advance are you asking for?  

3.  How much rent are  you demanding?  

4.  Does the shop has electricity meter?  

5.  What is the location of the shop? 

QNO5. In Unit 2, Page 47, you have read and listened to the recorded text 4. 


i.  How many in laws do Arifa have in her family?  
Ans:   Arifa’s in  laws are ; one mother –in –law , one father – in –law , two              Brother –in- law . 

ii.  Who is getting married? 
Ans :    Sara is getting married.  

iii.  When is the wedding ceremony scheduled to take place? 
Ans:   The wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place in the month of  December 

iv.  Who is very busy? 
Ans: Arifa  is very busy . 

v.  Who is bed ridden? 
Ans: Arifa have two bhabis or sisters in law named naila  and shagufta,

QNO6: in Unit 2, Page 41, you have studied different words to express reason.


write Suitable Reasons  

i.  Why do we need to keep our surroundings clean?   (because)   
Ans:  We need to keep our surroundings clean because it protects   us from diseases. 

ii.  Why is there so much crime in our country?  (as)     
Ans:  There so much crime in our country as there is unemployment. 

iii.     Why do we need to get computer training  (since)  
Ans:     We need to get computer training since it is the need of the hour. 

iv.      Why should we travel by metro bus?  (because)  
Ans:     We should travel by metro bus because it is very safe and cheap. 

v.  Why should we wear proper dress at work place?  (as)   
Ans:  We Should we wear proper dress at work place as it looks beautiful. 

QNO7: Unit 3 deals with 'Education and Career Plans’. Go to Page 69, Exercise 6...

Answer:                 "Personal Bio-Data"

Full Name:    Ahmed Khan  
Father Name:   Sharf Din  
National  identity card number:     31103-1142348-3 
Age:     25 years   
Domicile:   Lahore   
Permanent home address:     286  street  No2,  Bahria town Lahore  
Present Address if different from permanent address: Same
Education:    M.Sc  
Specialized  Diploma:    Computer Hardware Diploma  
Language  spoken:    Urdu and English    

QNO8:  Read  Unit  3,  Page  61. 


i.  Saeed wants to go to? 
Ans:   Saeed wants  to go medical college 
ii.  Saeed intends to become? 
Ans :  Saeed intends to become doctor  

iii.  In FSc Saeed got? 
Ans :  He got  sixty percentage marks . 

iv.  Last year, the last candidate on the list was? 
Ans   Has eighty percentage marks .  

v.  Saeed may study? 
Ans   Saeed many study in business administration  degree program .  

QNO9. In Unit 3, you learnt about shortened forms of certificates and degrees.  


1.   BSc    Bachelor of science  
2.  B Tech   Bachelors  in technology  
3.   MPhil    Master of  philosophy  
4.  PhD  Philosophy  Doctor or Doctor of philosophy  
5.  M.Sc    Master of Science  
6.   BSc ( Engg)  Bachelors of Engineering  
7.  B.C.S   Bachelor of  technology  
8.  B.A    Bachelor of Arts  
9.  I.Com    Intermediate in commerce  
10.   M.A    Master of Arts     

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