AIOU 4667 Politics Development Assignment Spring 2021

Q1  Discuss problem of provincialism faced by Pakistan right after its emergence. What were the steps that were undertaken by the leadership to solve that problems?


The date of ordinal august 1947 reminds North American nation of a historical event when that one in all the best nations of the globe born. The list of Pakistan’s early issues when independence is big and may not be coated in one article. Most of the initial issues were created deliberately to destabilize the new born state. Partition wasn't the sole downside, however establishing the new government with several hostile borders was tough. In short, the independence and therefore the institution of Asian nation weren't a bit of cake and were achieved by sacrificing many thousands of individuals.

Initial issues of Asian nation

Here may be a little list of the initial issues sweet-faced by Asian nation when the partition.

1. Division of assets

The British government divided assets between Asian nation and Bharat. in keeping with the agreement, Asian nation got a share of seventy five large integer. solely twenty crores were transferred to Asian nation ab initio. aside from these, military instrumentality additionally the} record were also to be transferred to Asian nation. The Indian government’s negative angle toward the transfer of divided assets created legion issue for Asian nation.

2. Water crisis

Pakistan started facing water once on the morning of first April 1948, Bharat closed the headworks of the rivers of Asian nation. This caused vital injury to crops in Punjab. Bharat started hard cash for the water that Asian nation uses. For the permanent answer to the current downside, Asian nation took the assistance of the international organisation, and a accord referred to as the “Indus Waters Treaty” was signed on nineteenth Sep 1960 in city.

3. selecting the capital of the country

One of Pakistan’s biggest and list issues when independence was that it didn't have several developed cities like Bharat. therefore Pakistani leaders have solely many selections of cities as capital. city was chosen because the capital, and therefore the officers and officers came from Dehli to city to setup the govt. capital. There was an absence of records, offices, furniture. a number of the govt. offices were additionally established in military barracks throughout that tough time. Later exactly, when twenty years of partition, on ordinal august 1967, {islamabad|Islamabad|capital of Asian nation|national capital} became the second capital of Pakistan below the rule of Ayub khan.

4. Unfair boundary by Cyril Radcliffe

A commission was established to divide some provinces into Asian nation and Bharat. As most of Brits officers were against the partition, so that they tried to damage Asian nation all told ways in which. Viceroy Mountbatten was additionally inclined towards Bharat.

Due to this, Asian nation lost several Muslim Majority areas, together with Ferozpor, Gordaspor, components of geographical area, and Jalandhar.

5. Killing of hundred thousands of Muslim Refugees In Bharat

When the division of Punjab was determined, Muslims living within the Indian facet of Punjab started the migration to Pakistani Punjab. Hindus and Sikhs started killing Muslims. Men and kids were killed. girls were raped. unnumbered Muslim caravans and Muslim trains move to Asian nation were killed entirely. This resulted in additional than five animal product deaths in time but one month.

6. the problem of refugees

According to sources, virtually sixty five animal product folks migrated toward Asian nation. Among that, fifty two animal product folks migrated to Punjab. it had been not a simple task for Pakistan’s government to create permanent arrangements for the transportation of such a lot of folks. Despite restricted resources, Asian nation started expatriate camps for the migrants and provided them with food and tending.

7. Forceful annexation of princely states by Bharat

A coastal princely state gift 300km removed from city determined to hitch Asian nation, however {India| republic of |Asian country/Asian nation} didn't settle for the state’s call and thus forcefully took management of India. This step of {india|India|Republic of Bharat|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} was entirely against the principle that states will decide whether or not they wish to hitch Asian nation or India.

In the same manner, {india|India|Republic of Bharat|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} once more desecrated the principles of states’ annexation once Nizam of Hyderabad determined to not be part of Asian nation and India. Bharat forcefully took management of Hyderabad additionally.

8. Language downside

At the time of independence, quite seventy languages were spoken in Asian nation. however within the 1956 constitution, solely Urdu was given the standing of the national language. This sparked hate within the hearts of Bengalis living in Bangla Desh (now Bangladesh), that resulted in several riots and, in the end, the formation of Bangla Desh. The leaders mishandled the full scenario, and therefore the riots resulted in deaths.

9. Death of Quaid E Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan

Quaid-e-Azam died virtually one year when Pakistan’s independence, and governor Zada Liaqat Ali Khan was additionally dead in Company Bagh metropolis in one951 whereas addressing a crowd of quite 1 animal product folks. because of these 2 leaders’ unfortunate death, Asian nation veteran an absence of leaders that were sincere to the country. The country went into chaos by the hand of forms and toadyish leaders.

10. Constitution-making

One of the foremost severe issues sweet-faced by the initial Pakistani folks was the dearth of a constitution. Therefore, some amendments were quickly wiped out the Indian act of 1935 associated were enacted as an interim constitution.

11. Defence of boundaries

 As shortly as Asian nation became freelance, it became involved concerning defensive its borders as there have been issues on the jap and western borders. within the West, Asian country refused to acknowledge Asian nation and was the sole country to oppose Pakistan’s membership within the international organisation. things with Bharat within the East was additionally not sensible for many reasons. There was additionally an absence of contemporary military instrumentality. therefore defensive the boundaries of Asian nation became a giant downside at that point.

12. Economic issues

When Asian nation became freelance, Bharat refused to grant Asian nation a good share of national wealth. Also, the areas coming back below the Asian nation section were principally agricultural areas with only a few industries. because of that Asian nation sweet-faced heaps of economic issues.

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