AIOU 4668 Politics Development Assignment Spring 2021

Q1.  What was Mujeeb’s Six Point Formula? Elaborate all the six points and the rationale behind it?


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman placed the 6-point demand on fifth February, 1966 before the committee of the national conference of the opposition, command in Lahore. The 6-point is thought to be the idea of freedom of the Bengali Nation. sawyer Mujib himself delineate the formula as 'our right to measure. The text includes the first half-dozen Points moreover as their later amendments.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s half-dozen Points

Point No.1

The constitution ought to give for a federation of Pakistan in its true sense on the idea of the Lahore Resolution, and parliamentary variety of government with ascendence of law-makers directly electoral on the idea of universal adult franchise.

Amended: The character of the govt shall be federal and parliamentary, during which the election to the federal law-makers and to the legislatures of the federating units shall be direct and on the idea of universal adult franchise. The illustration within the federal law-makers shall get on the idea of population.

Point No. 2

Original centralized shall modify solely 2 subjects, viz. Defence and foreign affairs and every one different residuary subjects shall vest within the federating states.

Amended: The centralized shall be accountable just for defence and foreign affairs and, subject to the conditions provided in purpose No. 3 below, currency.

Point No.3

(A) 2 separate however freely convertible currencies for 2 wings is also introduced, or one currency for the full country is also maintained. during this case effective constitutional provisions ar to be created to prevent flight of capital from East to Asian country. Separate banking reserve is to be created and separate commercial enterprise and financial policy to be adopted for Asian country.

Amended: There shall be 2 separate currencies reciprocally or freely convertible in every wing for every region, or within the different one currency, subject to the institution of a central banks system that during which within which} there'll be regional federal reserve banks which shall devise measures to forestall the transfer of resources and flight of capital from one region to a different.

Point No. 4

The power of taxation and revenue assortment shall vest within the federating units which the federal center can don't have any such power. The federation can have a share within the taxes for meeting their needed expenditure. The consolidated federal fund shall embark of a levy of sure share of all state taxes.

Amended: economic policy shall be the responsibility of the federating units. The centralized shall be give with requisite revenue resources for meeting the necessities of defense and foreign affairs, that revenue resources would be mechanically alienable by the centralized within the manner provided and on the idea of the quantitative relation to be determined by the procedure set down within the constitution. Such constitutional provisions would make sure that the federal government’s revenue needs ar met systematically with the target of guaranteeing management over the economic policy by the govt of the federating units.

Point No. 5

(1) There shall be 2 separate accounts for interchange earnings of the 2 wings.

(2) Earnings of Asian country shall be beneath the management of Asian country government which of Asian country beneath the management of Asian country government.

(3) interchange demand of the centralized shall be met by the 2 wings either equally or in an exceedingly quantitative relation to be mounted.

(4) autochthonous merchandise shall move freed from duty between 2 wings.

(5) The constitution shall empower the unit governments to ascertain trade and business relations with established trade missions in and enter into agreements with, foreign countries.

Amended: Constitutional provisions shall be created by alter separate accounts to be maintained of the interchange earnings of every of the federating units, beneath the management of the individual governments of the centralized shall be met by the governments of the federating units on the idea of a quantitative relation to be determined in accordance with the procedure set down within the constitution. The regional governments shall have power beneath the constitution to barter foreign trade and aid among the framework of the policy of the country, that shall be the responsibility of the centralized.

Point No. 6

The putting in place of a militia or a para-military force for Asian country.

Amended: The governments of the federating units shall be authorised to keep up a militia or para-military force so as to contribute effectively towards national security.

Q2. After the Elections of December 1970, why had the session of National Assembly not called and the majority party not allowed forming the government? Elaborate?


General elections were control in West Pakistan on December seven, 1970 – fifty years past nowadays – to elect members of the National Assembly. They were the primary general elections since the independence of West Pakistan and ultimately the sole ones control before the independence of Bangladesh. selection transpire in three hundred constituencies, of that 162 were in Bangladesh and 138 in West Pakistan.

The elections were a fierce contest between 2 social democratic parties – the west-based West Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and also the east-based Awami League of ruler Mujibur Rahman. The Awami League was the sole major party within the east wing, whereas within the west wing, the surgery moon-faced competition from the conservative factions of the Muslim League – the biggest of that was Muslim League (Qayyum), also as religionist parties just like the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP).

The result was a finish for the Awami League, that won AN majority of a hundred and sixty seats, all of that were in Bangladesh. The surgery won solely eighty one seats, tired West Pakistan.

In the provincial elections control 10 days later, the Awami League once more dominated in Bangladesh, whereas the surgery won geographical region and Sindh. The Marxist National Awami Party emerged victorious within the Northwest Frontier Province and Balochistan.

The National Assembly was at the start not inaugurated because the military dictator Yahya Khan and also the surgery chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto didn't desire a party from Bangladesh heading the centralized. Instead, Yahya appointed the veteran Bengali politician Nurul Amin as prime minister, asking him to succeed in a compromise between the surgery and Awami League. However, this move unsuccessful because the delay in inauguration had already caused vital unrest in Bangladesh. the case escalated into a war that light-emitting diode to the breakup of West Pakistan and also the formation of the freelance state of Bangla Desh. The assembly was eventually inaugurated in 1972 when Yahya resigned and handed  power to Bhutto. Bhutto became prime minister in 1973 when the post was recreated by a replacement constitution.

Pakistan’s tryst with history

The irony is that the December seven election, that light-emitting diode on to the breakup of West Pakistan, was seen at the time as an excellent and historic day – on that crores of Pakistanis used their right to vote and assert their sovereignty.

The National Assembly elections and also the enthusiasm they generated was a golden chapter within the history of the struggle for democracy in West Pakistan. till simply a number of years before, a military dictator wont to say that democracy wasn't suited to the temperament of Pakistanis.

By selection the means they did, the individuals declared that they'd mature weary of the then-prevalent political and social organization within the country and needed to vary it as before long as doable. They stood by each such shibboleth and party that stood for social revolution. Ranged against them were people who claimed Islam was in peril, or that the ideology of West Pakistan was in peril. Fatwas of apostasy and heresy were issued upon socialism and its supporters and also the election of the National Assembly was bestowed as a war between Islam and evil. very provocative things were aforementioned concerning the left parties in newspapers, house of prayer sermons however this storm of information couldn't influence the individuals. They weren't deceived by the Islamists as a result of their daily experiences had created them aware that the demon of exploitation had worn the covering of Islamism.

Everyone knew that the only purpose of the 1970 election was to plan a democratic constitution. There was a robust chance that so if a compromise developed between the Awami League and also the Peoples Party then the constitution might terribly simply be framed within the appointed amount of 4 months.

Approximately large integer political and spiritual parties participated within the elections. Their manifestoes stressed an answer to the political, economic and social issues of the country and created rosy guarantees to the individuals however the results of the election showed that solely 2 parties – the Awami League and also the surgery – were aware of the habits and disposition of the state and were people who had the information of the heartbeat of the emotions, emotions and needs of the individuals. The locution of each these parties was socialism. On the opposite hand, the parties that had started off as claimants of the monotheism system to contest the election were whole unsuccessful in distinctive with the mood of the people.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and most of his comrades had been busy in political activities since the terribly days of the West Pakistan movement and also their organization was recent and experienced; however Bhutto and the Peoples Party were young. The systematic organisation of the Peoples Party was hardly 2 years at that point. during this short length, the recognition that this party earned particularly in Sindh and geographical region was astonishing. This party had participated within the elections in terribly unfavourable conditions. Most party employees were young and inexperienced, and also the practised ones were in jail.

Great responsibilities befell the Peoples Party and also the Awami League when this success. They were now not provincial parties and Mujib and Bhutto weren't the leaders of an area however the complete nation. currently they'd to prove with their word and action that they were eligible for this position and also the trustees of peoples’ interest. the issues and interests of the individuals were identical all over whether or not they were in Sindh or in Bengal, Punjab, then-North West Frontier Province and Balochistan.

This finish was an enormous check for the Peoples Party. Its finish a minimum of lit the truth that the dominant majority of then-West West Pakistan was safe from provincial prejudice, spiritual delirium, narrowness and variations of caste. however the trail to political power is extremely troublesome and also the surgery and Bhutto did not do what was required of them.

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