AIOU 5505 Collection Development Solved Assignment Spring 2021

Q1. What is the selection procedure of non-book material? Also write about the problems encounter while selecting electronic journal. 


Non-book materials shall be thought of associate integral a part of the library assortment. They shall be provided to feature dimension to the book assortment and additionally to produce various ways of access to info and recreation. Standards of quality square measure an equivalent as that created for the library assortment as an entire.


The metropolis administrative district library shall subscribe periodicals to satisfy each informational and recreational wants of adults, young adults, and youngsters. Periodical titles shall be reviewed annually to insure most quality to the general public, taking into thought the year's budget and also the following criteria:

community interest

accuracy and sound judgement

accessibility through indexes

need as a reference supply

recommendations from skilled sources like Katz's Magazines for Public Libraries,


Space and budget thought preclude the addition specialised of specialised} journals to the collection: such specialized journals square measure offered at special, educational and bigger public libraries within the tri-county space. Articles from such journals square measure without delay offered through native, regional and state interlibrary loan networks during which the Library participates.

Backruns of periodicals shall be unbroken for indexed titles and for a pick variety of heavily-used, subject-related titles. No try shall be created to deal with in depth historical backruns either in microform or in paper copies, rather backruns are going to be command for the aim of providing access to current info in oftentimes searched periodicals.

The library shall meet each recreational and informational wants through the supply of assorted formats of non-print materials. the precise formats provided might modification as patron use patterns and technology itself changes however the standards for choice shall stay constant and shall replicate an equivalent criteria used for print materials.


Various formats shall be provided as long as they continue to be helpful to the general public. Sound recordings shall accommodates each music and word to satisfy recreational, tutorial and academic wants of community members of all ages and skills.


Various formats shall be provided as long as they continue to be helpful to the general public. Documentary, tutorial, and academic visual recordings for all ages shall be provided to enhance the Library's total assortment.  

Collection stress for feature/narrative works is on titles of benefit and titles supported works of literature. benefit is set by the popularity presented within the nomination for, or action of, major awards (e.g. Academy of film Arts and Sciences, Golden Globe), inclusion in competition picks (e.g. port International fete, Sundance Film Festival) and winning rankings in surveys/polls (e.g. Sight and Sound, yank Film Institute). 


The Library shall offer instructional, informational and tutorial software system and information access to be used by the general public on the Library's public access computers. choice shall be supported reviews in skilled journals, on-line sources, subject-oriented periodicals or sites, and proposals from alternative librarians and educators.


The Library shall additionally offer chosen materials like puppets that foster creativeness on the a part of kids. Budget, area concerns and appropriateness to the Library's overall statement of purpose are going to be taken into thought within the choice of all materials of this sort.

Problems encounter whereas choosing electronic journal

In a perfect world, the electronic journal is definitely the solution to such a big amount of of our ancient issues, with speedy delivery, availableness unlimited by time or earth science, and looking facilities. And think about all the shelf area saved! really, we're in a very shift amount, having to address all our print journals at an equivalent time as coming back to terms with a brand new medium.

"electronic" or "online" journal? "Electronic" - one wherever the text is scan on, and/or written from, the tip user's laptop instead of as print on paper. "Online" - the info is downloaded directly from the host laptop instead of via associate intermediate medium like compact disc. Not being a compact disc fan.

The medium shouldn't overshadow the very fact that the majority of the electronic journals we have a tendency to touch upon at the instant square measure still ancient journals, and lots of of the procedures for handling them are going to be very little totally different from those for print on paper. A simplified multidimensional language for ancient educational library journal process are going to be one thing like this:


Many publishers square measure creating electronic journals offered free for an effort amount - analogous to the sample issue - and it is important to urge users to undertake these out and provides you feedback. a retardant here is that of management over the temporal arrangement of the trial - educational employees should be absolve to participate, which can be not possible at bound times of the year.

Checking-in of problems with a print journal is mostly simple, whether or not or not you've got an automatic serials management system. Checking that electronic problems square measure offered on-line is probably going to be much more long, particularly since they're usually offered before the corresponding issue seems in print (for a twin print/electronic title). Another downside is - what's associate issue? The Chicago Journal of Theoretical engineering  publishes articles as and once they square measure accepted. whereas it maintains the thought of the degree in this articles square measure unionised on the online page by year, the "issue" idea not exists, and one has no means of knowing once successive article might seem. This makes claiming missing problems impossible!

The electronic medium might gift issues for access and use of the journals, for each library employees and users. Publishers typically limit access by either the web Protocol (IP) address of the user's laptop, or by secret. the previous is currently common, and additional convenient for many users, World Health Organization haven't got to get and keep in mind a secret. However, the vary of allowable scientific discipline addresses for the establishment's sites should be established associated changes notified to the publisher; there appear to be as several definitions of an "institution" and a "site" as there square measure electronic publishers - multi-site establishments beware! the matter as way as users square measure involved is that access are going to be restricted to their institution and that they won't be able to access a journal from home, so negating what several see because the major advantage of electronic journals.

Printing the article the user desires is that the equivalent of photocopying the written page. the issues it presents can usually be those of the networked instead of the complete setting, and notably those of value. Most educational library users pay a charge per page of photocopying, however this can be not nevertheless forever the case for laptop printing. wherever it's not, the establishment might incur serious printing prices, particularly once students get the picture to the very fact that such printing is absolve to them! issues can also arise for users with older printers, and whose printer isn't designed to suit the file format of a selected journal. Users might not nevertheless remember of the length of your time it will desire print a journal article in PDF format, which is able to once more create explicit issues with networked printers.

One of the largest issues for libraries at the instant is that the further employees time required to administer electronic journal provision, as nearly all the work concerned is on high of that that library employees do already. There {are also|also square measure|are} further prices in coaching users; additional resources are offered to them annually and consequently we've got to extend the quantity and/or length of coaching sessions. And before employees will train users, they need to coach themselves, or be trained, in what electronic journals square measure offered and the way every is best used; some folks can notice this easier than others. employees prices, notably for supporting users, also will be incurred by departments aside from the library, like the pc Centre.

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