AIOU 5625 Print Media Assignment Spring 2021


Q 1.  Define feature and highlight different characteristics of feature stories. 


Different Kinds of Feature Stories

Human interest

Involves persons instead of things. Students UN agency win a reward or UN agency do one thing vital like grading 1600 on Saturday or qualifying for Olympic Games. Retiring teacher.


Usually through with distinguished persons. may be either AN informational or a private profile feature. Informational interviews take care of AN authority whose opinions on sure subjects, facts concerning things or comparison area unit of serious worth. temperament interviews area unit fascinating thanks to the individual instead of the topic matter.

Informational options

Of historical, social, sensible interest. Basic purpose isn't to entertain however to tell. History of the varsity. How-to-do-it options, like "how to shop for an honest stereo" or "what {to do to try AND do} if you are inactive or in an accident."

Personality sketch

Develops a complete image of the person. Gets facts from the person himself. makes an attempt to reveal temperament through anecdotes. appearance at mannerisms, actions, dress, experiences. Talks to others concerning the topic.

If you are writing a few person, here area unit some facts readers can need to grasp.

1.  Name

2.  Personality

3.  Background

4.  Physical look

5.  Environment

6.  Hobbies

7.  His influence on others

8.  Anecdotes/observation


What we have a tendency to wont to decision "Brites." additionally known as "mini-features." Clever. Attention-getting starting with events told in written record order. Conclusion - usually a surprise - told quickly.

Just as there area unit completely different forms of hard-news stories in journalism, there area unit many kinds of feature stories. usually delineated  as "soft news," a feature story does not deliver the news directly, as a hard-news story will. A feature story, whereas containing parts of stories, aims to change, add color, educate, entertain, and illuminate, says These stories usually hinge upon news that was rumored in a very previous news cycle.

Examples of feature stories embrace news options, profiles, spot options, trend stories, and live-ins. Feature stories may be found within the main news section of a newspaper, particularly if they profile an individual or cluster presently within the news. however they're additionally seemingly to be found in sections farther back within the paper—in lifestyles, diversion, sports, or business sections. They can also be found in alternative news formats, like radio, television, and also the web.

News Feature

The news feature is simply what the name implies: a article that focuses on a subject within the news. News options area unit usually revealed within the main news, or "A" section, or the native news, or "B" section, of a paper. These stories specialize in hard-news topics however are not point in time stories. they convey a softer genre to news. These articles usually area unit folks stories, that specialize in people behind the news, and that they usually request to change a group of statistics.

A news feature may claim, for instance, that a community is experiencing a glass epidemic. it'd begin by citing facts like arrest statistics from native, state, or federal authorities or treatment numbers from space hospitals and drug counsellors. Then it'd embrace quotes and knowledge from folks concerned in several aspects of the story, like police, ER doctors, drug counsellors, and ice addicts.

This kind of feature story focuses not on one crime, drug-induced death, or meth-related arrest; instead, it concisely tells the story of 1 or a lot of of the preceding characters, like sick ice addicts. The news feature seeks to place a personality's face on a criminal offense datum to bring the story to life for readers and inform them of potential issues with the problem.


A profile is a commentary concerning a private, like a political candidate, celebrity, athlete, or CEO. Profiles request to grant readers under-the-table appearance at what an individual is like, warts and every one, behind the general public persona. Profile articles offer background concerning the individual: education, life experiences, and challenges sweet-faced in obtaining wherever he or she is currently, still as basic data like age, legal status, and family details, together with the quantity of siblings and kids.

A profile will seem in any section of the paper, from the "A" section to the business section. for instance, in 2016, The Orange County Register ran a feature story on Carl Karcher, the late founding father of Carl's Jnr. The story, written by communicator Nancy Roman deity, delineated  however Karcher started the fast-food building, that makes a speciality of hamburgers, on July 17, 1941, by commerce 10-cent hot dogs, tamales, and chili dogs out of a cart on a crossway in l.  a.  , California. "He supported a $326 food cart by mortgaging his town Super Deluxe for $311," Roman deity wrote. "He paid the remainder in money."

The remainder of the article told however Karcher rose from being a "poor Ohio boy with AN eighth-grade education" to the owner of 1 of the foremost triple-crown fast-food chains within the country. Karcher had passed on to the great beyond in 2008, therefore Roman deity interviewed a building official to get background data.

Spot Feature

Spot options area unit feature stories made on point in time that specialize in a breaking natural event. they're usually used as sidebars to the mainbar, the point in time news article concerning an incident.

Suppose a tornado hits a community. The mainbar would specialize in the 5 W's and H of the story—the UN agency, what, when, where, why, and how—including the quantity of casualties, the extent of injury, and rescue efforts. Complementing the mainbar, the paper would possibly publish one or a lot of spot options that specialize in varied aspects of the event. One story would possibly describe the scene at AN emergency shelter wherever displaced residents were housed. Another would possibly mirror on past tornadoes that have ravaged the community. one more would possibly examine atmospheric condition that crystal rectifier to the storm.

The paper may publish dozens of spot options counting on the severity of the event. whereas the most news article would be written in a very hard-news vogue, the spot options would convey a softer feature vogue, that specialize in the human toll of the tragedy.

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