AIOU 5628 Electronic Media Assignment Spring 2021


Q1.   Describe different types of current Affairs programmes.



With the increase and growth of the VOD market, children’s TV is increasing in new areas as VOD suppliers like Netflix and Amazon Prime recently announce new investment in programming for children. this can be excellent news for producers of children’s programmes, particularly for freelance production corporations. operating in children’s TV is far like performing on studio shoots in; dramas, sitcoms or soaps - they share identical production processes and every one work to a commissioned script and set schedules. Some children’s content is additional fact-based (eg. science, nature, maths), or can have documentary parts, within which case, production can still work to scripts, however the editorial workers can ought to have analysis skills - for investigatory.

If you needed to pursue a career in children’s TV, you'd typically begin out as a studio runner or workplace Runner at associate degree freelance production company specialising in children’s TV, or a broadcaster with in-house studio facilities. once half dozen to twelve months within the runner position - you will commit to enter editorial wherever you'd begin as a junior scientist - finding contributors to require half in programmes, finding stories, and aiding on shoots. you will get the chance to gift on camera - children’s TV may be a famous for being a region for several currently famed presenters (eg. Phillip Schofield, Anthea Turner, Fearne Cotton). Another route would be to become associate degree assistant floor manager, then a floor manager - if you actually relish the studio setting. A career in children’s TV would complement alternative genres such as: news, factual, drama, comedy and diversion.  


TV Dramas vary considerably in terms of budget, that dictates the dimensions of the crew that area unit utilized and resources obtainable for the assembly. operating in Drama is far like performing on a feature, although TV budgets area unit typically smaller, unless it’s a lavish world co-production just like the BBC’s ‘Versailles’, that price a thumping £24 million for ten episodes. each genres work from a commissioned script, use trained artistic associate degreed technical crew to film the action and typically take longer to form than factual content (unless you’re cinematography the year within the lifetime of an Arctic Fox). forged and crew will flit quite merrily between drama and have film work, although production departments is also smaller and have additional duties on TV productions. individuals wont to operating in drama and have films may additionally be tempted to read music video, comedy and children's TV, particularly huge budget live action shows like frightful Histories or helix Zipzer.

Genres that distinction with drama include: news, documentary, factual, sports and live broadcasts. It’s not not possible to travel from a career in drama to a career in live or factual content - however the transition are vessel and therefore the pace are totally different. people that work on live broadcasts (sports, news) need to be sharp, tenacious, and ready for deadlines and extremely fast schedules.       


TV comedy content comes altogether kinds of shapes and sizes including; sitcoms, panel shows, stand up, humor and sketch shows. Most of those sub-groups (all except stand up) area unit made in a very similar thanks to TV drama - they work from a script, use locations and studio set-ups, run to a collection schedule and use a combination of artistic, admin, and technical crew to supply programmes. Budgets vary, however typically they need less to play with than drama productions, with lower production values. arise shows area unit made rather more within the vein of diversion shows - with associate degree audience, and extremely strict schedule (covering at some point - or one evening), wherever the margin for error is zero. These shows area unit extremely organized and rehearsed in pre-production. Rigging is usually difficult if the arise is happening in a very location instead of a studio that has already been kitted out with sound proofing, stage lighting rigs, inexperienced rooms etc.  

If you begin a career in comedy production (eg. as a floor runner on eight out of ten Cats will Countdown), you may transition to huge studio sensations like Strictly return terpsichore and Britain’s Got Talent - as these programmes area unit all studio productions. you will want to modify into drama or children’s TV, that have similar operating environments - although you’ll most likely get to travel additional as these styles of productions typically use over one location, similarly as some studio set-ups.  


Factual content includes an enormous arena of programmes including; documentary, magazine shows, arts and culture, history, politics, science, nature, travel and speak shows. All factual shows area unit scripted  in a technique or another (some scripts area unit place along in post production, others area unit loosely scripted  in pre-production, then have a separate comment script written in post production). The distinction between drama scripting and factual scripting is that factual content is generated by the business department, United Nations agency area unit typically from a print media background - and savvy to analysis real stories. plenty of factual content is presenter or celebrity junction rectifier. this might embrace a camera friendly scholar or a comedian-turned-adventurer. Budgets for factual content area unit notoriously low, which suggests that crew and production workers area unit given additional duties than those operating in drama, and crew operating in factual typically become multi-skilled so as to land a gentle stream of contracts.

Starting go into factual, you’ll typically be associate degree workplace runner, junior scientist, feller or location runner. you'll learn quickly - typically given jobs that may have historically been given to researchers or assistant producers, and coaching are given on the work, unless you're employed in-house at a broadcaster like the BBC, United Nations agency nurture their talent by causation them on coaching programmes wherever doable. individuals operating in Factual additionally cross over into news, diversion and children’s TV, wherever their print media skills transfer - and that they will thrive in a very fast setting, visit fascinating places and adapt to chaotic schedules.

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