AIOU 5641 Library Management Solved Assignment Spring 2021

Q1. Explain leadership skills. Match these skills by measurement completely different university libraries and discussion with chief librarians.


Leadership skills

Leadership skills area unit skills you utilize once organizing others to achieve a shared goal. whether or not you’re during a management position or leading a project, leadership skills need you to encourage others to finish a series of tasks, typically in step with a schedule. Leadership isn't only 1 ability however rather a mixture of many completely different skills operating along.

Some samples of skills that build a powerful leader include:



Active listening





Effective feedback

Timely communication

Team building



Ability to show and mentor

There area unit following list of must-have leadership skills that will prove valuable to anyone applying for work or trying to advance during a career:

1. Decisiveness

Effective leaders area unit people who will build selections quickly with the knowledge they need. Effective decision-making comes with time and skill. As you become additional at home with your specific trade, you’ll be ready to build selections quicker, even once you don’t have all of the required info. Decisiveness is seen as a valuable leadership ability as a result of it will facilitate move comes on quicker and improve potency.

Effective decisiveness needs analysis, evaluation, problem-solving and goal-setting, typically with a fast turnaround. Decision-makers ought to be ready to pull from their own expertise with similar tasks, measure what would possibly work best, build the choice and be assured in taking the responsibility for the result. Key skills associated with being a powerful leader through decisiveness includes:





2. Integrity

Integrity is usually seen as simply honesty or honesty however in several cases, it conjointly suggests that having and standing by a collection of robust values. Integrity within the geographical point typically suggests that having the ability to create moral decisions and serving to the corporate maintain a positive image. All businesses ask for to rent employees United Nations agency have a powerful sense of integrity.

Having integrity as a pacesetter, not solely encourages the foremost truthful and truthful observe and outcome, but also, sends a powerful and positive example to your team. a pacesetter with integrity conjointly shows the subsequent skills:







3. Problem-solving

Good leaders area unit skillful at problem-solving problems that arise on the work. Effective drawback finding typically needs staying calm and characteristic a bit-by-bit resolution. Problem-solving skills will facilitate leaders build fast selections, resolve obstacles with their team and external groups alike, and guarantee comes area unit completed on time, in step with the specifications. Leaders United Nations agency area unit effective problem-solvers even have the subsequent skills:

Critical thinking

Analytical skills



4. reliability

Being a dependable leader implies that individuals will trust and have faith in you. A dependable person follows through on plans and keeps guarantees. The robust relationships designed by a dependable leader produce a resilient team that may run through difficulties that will arise. Being a dependable skilled suggests that meeting deadlines, being easy, returning through on obligations and once you can’t meet a promise or a goal, human action this ahead of time and having a backup arrange.

5. Ability to show and mentor

One ability that differentiates leadership from several different competencies is that the ability to show and mentor. Effectively teaching colleagues or direct reports to grow in their careers helps organizations scale. Often, this ability needs that leaders assume less regarding themselves and additional regarding a way to build their team as an entire eminent. 

To achieve success as a pacesetter that may teach and mentor a team, you would possibly hone the subsequent connected skills:



Able to acknowledge and reward

Understanding worker variations



Positive reinforcement

Match these skills by measurement completely different university libraries and discussion with chief librarians

Leadership traits needed for chief librarians 

Leadership studies target a pacesetter but that's outlined and therefore the traits, skills, and skills that leader must inspire, motivate, produce modification, and remodel organizations. Followers should prefer to follow or not follow, move or passive, or support a leader’s vision or thwart it. the most determinant in however followers prefer to react is however they connect with leaders, and this association relies on the values and identities of the follower and leader. individuals area unit interested in what they worth. they'll be drawn to teams, organizations, and leaders with similar values as theirs. The values that guide this response and association area unit completely different for every person, however generally similar temperament individuals like those during a profession or organization can answer similar traits during a leader.

Leadership studies have historically been developed entirely from the attitude of the leader. The non-stop target leadership overlooks the very important role followers play in a company. Being a well-performing follower is simply as vital as being a well-performing leader. Followers initial and foremost ought to be competent at their job. while not the required ability and experience in a company, a pacesetter are going to be unsuccessful. Followers may also supply resistance to leadership during a embarrassment of how, each passive and aggressive. This resistance will forestall leadership efforts. And whereas leaders in formal leadership positions will enact disciplinary measures, they're few and infrequently ineffective, particularly once it involves department- or library wide resistance. additionally, a specialised hands like one created of librarians is troublesome and expensive to rent and train, creating large-scale personnel changes out of the question.

Librarianship has undergone an excellent quantity of modification throughout the past twenty years. info is currently created, stored, and disseminated in immensely alternative ways than it had been simply a decade past. In response, educational libraries have modified their assortment ways and services and area unit commencing to modification their mission to focus additional on student success. this implies libraries as a geographical point area unit terribly {different|totally completely different|completely different} from what they were a decade and a [*fr1] past and can be terribly different in 5 to 10 years from what they're currently. educational spot ought to be brooding about what the library of the longer term are going to be like as an area to figure and what skills are going to be required to steer that sort of library. 

According to the 2015 demographic knowledge of the Association of faculty and analysis Librarians, ARL librarians area unit a median age of forty nine, the oldest they need ever been within the 30-year history of this knowledge assortment. thrice as several librarians area unit over sixty five (9%) as 10 years earlier, and a banging thirty-nine p.c of ARL administrators area unit over sixty five. These numbers would indicate associate degree at hand large-scale retirement of ARL administrators, and any transition in leadership may be a blast to look at the assumptions of leadership and structure success. however the “skewing older” of ARL librarians can be a sign of a scarcity of youth and recent concepts to require on leadership roles. One study of ARL library deans and administrators found mixed responses once they were asked if enough new library leaders existed to fill the innocent of retirements. within the same study, fifty three p.c of respondents indicated they thought a crisis in leadership was looming.

The first a part of the 2000s saw an honest deal of talking and writing regarding “NextGen” leadership. This was part because of the ever-changing nature of data and therefore the onslaught of the digital age and part because of the “greying” of the profession. All of the analysis undertaken as a method to deal with the talents NextGen library leaders want|would wish|would want} cared-for have an analogous methodology: survey or interview existing library leaders for his or her opinions on what skills a replacement generation of leaders can need. whereas it will add up to raise those playacting a selected job what skills area unit most required to try and do that job, {they may|they'll|they can} not be within the best position to predict future wants or however a replacement generation of librarians will see best to steer. 


An empowering leader is one United Nations agency is confirmative, trusting, and enabling  of followers, and one United Nations agency mentors and develops followers towards their full potential. solely a secure, assured leader may be empowering, as a result of empowering others suggests that giving followers the responsibility, decision-making power, and authority the leader would unremarkably have.

Visionary Thinker

To solve the issues of tomorrow, a pacesetter should assume otherwise from the method she will nowadays. A library that's moving with boldness forward isn't trying back. To do this, the library wants a mission and vision that may enable it to grow and thrive within the future. For this to occur, a library should have a visionary leader, somebody United Nations agency is in a position to accept the current and arrange for the longer term.


Communication and listening were the 2 traits respondents cited the foremost. The important leaders within the respondents’ lives all communicated and listened alright. Communication comes in several forms, together with shared which means and a shared vision for the library. an honest someone conjointly provides credit and praise wherever it's due. during this study, a someone is outlined as a pacesetter United Nations agency is skilful in the slightest degree kinds of communication, communicates often, listens to others, and is approachable and visual.

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