AIOU 5643 Library Automation Solved Assignment Spring 2021

Q1. Briefly explain computer hardware. Describe the function of each component.


Computer hardware is that the physical elements that a computing system needs to operate. It encompasses everything with a printed circuit that operates at intervals a computer or laptop; as well as the motherboard, graphics card, electronic equipment (Central process Unit), ventilation fans, webcam, power provide, and so on.

PC hardware, like a microcomputer, is that the most typical form of IT hardware purchased by a little business. the price of hardware depends on its specification, that successively is set by some key elements.

Central process unit

The processor is that the driver of the pc. Processors square measure typically differentiated by speed, measured in gigacycle (GHz). the upper the gigacycle, the quicker the pc can run. you ought to purchase the quickest processor you'll afford, however twin or quad-core processors running at speeds of two gigacycle or on top of can usually be enough for many business functions, eg data processing, spreadsheets and a few multimedia system. a lot of {cpu / central process unit / CPU / C.P.U. / central processor / mainframe / electronic equipment / hardware / computer hardware} cores and better speeds improve processing outturn and so the perceived speed of the pc.

Random access memory (RAM)

The processor uses memory to run programs. Generally, the a lot of RAM you have got, the higher your pc can run once mistreatment many programs promptly. Your pc ought to have enough memory to create the foremost of the processor speed. To use multiple trendy code applications effectively, you ought to have a minimum of four gigabytes (GB) of RAM and ideally eight GB or on top of for a lot of memory intense code applications, like style, photography or video writing.

Hard disk

The magnetic disk stores the information you produce in your business, still because the programs you utilize. A typical workplace pc can have a minimum of 500GB of magnetic disk area. Some new laptops and specialist performance computers associate with solid state drives (SSD). These drives square measure silent as a result of they need no moving elements and square measure 5 to eight times quicker than the quality magnetic magnetic disk drives employed in most desktop computers. though SSD offers vital performance blessings, the price per GB of storage may be 2 or thrice dearer for identical storage capability. Even with a worth premium for a SSD, given the performance advantage vs the general value of a typical desktop or laptop computer, in most cases as well as a SSD is that the best approach.


The monitor is that the computer's monitor. newest monitors use some variety of liquid show (LCD) technology. Monitors square measure usually measured diagonally in inches - usually twenty two, twenty four or twenty seven inches. Larger or radical broad monitors enable you to match 2 documents on-screen. the various alphanumeric display technology used depend upon value and if you need true color copy or high screen refresh rates square measure essential.

The keyboard and mouse typically return as a part of a bundle, however you'll be able to choose wireless devices that create desktops neater.

There square measure various computers to traditional desktop PCs obtainable, like Apple Macs. These have traditionally been wont to support publishing code however currently additionally provide a comparable system for general workplace use.

Power provide Unit (PSU)

A power provide unit, unremarkably abbreviated as PSU, will over simply provide your pc with power. it's the purpose wherever power enters your system from AN external power supply and is then allotted by the motherboard to individual part hardware. Not all power provides square measure created equally but, and while not the correct power PSU your system can fail to figure.

A modern pc can usually would like a PSU that’s rated between 500W – 850W to effectively power all hardware, though the dimensions of the PSU can rely entirely on the facility consumption of the system. Computers that square measure used for extremely intensive tasks like graphic style or diversion would require a lot of powerful elements and therefore can would like an even bigger PSU to cater to the current further would like.

Without the correct quantity of power, elements won’t be able to run effectively and also the pc would possibly expertise crashes or just fail as well in the slightest degree. It’s counselled to own an influence provide that over covers your system usage. Not solely does one provide yourself with protection against system failure, you furthermore might future-proof yourself against needing a brand new PSU once you upgrade to a lot of powerful computer elements

Sound Cards

All PCs nowadays have the aptitude to form and record sound. Sound cards put in within the computer offer this capability. Early sound cards were primarily wont to turn out sounds for Windows activities and to play CDs. Today's sound cards flip a computer into a programmable reproducer once it's connected to supercharged speakers. With the code and music knowledge storage formats obtainable, the computer becomes a programmable reproducer capable of manufacturing three-dimensional sound. Sound hold on in AN MP3 format is greatly compressed. CD stereo music may be compressed by an element of twelve compared to the files made once sounds square measure directly recorded.


The mouse is that the Windows inform device of preference for many PCs. it's a rubber ball that rotates sensors on 2 right-angle axes. during this manner, the mouse movement is translated into vertical and horizontal pointer movement on the PC's monitor. A mouse is connected to the computer employing a 9-pin port or through a PS/2 mouse port. employing a PS/2 interface with its little kind issue for the mouse frees up the restricted serial ports for different uses. totally different driver code is needed for every form of affiliation. Windows 9x and Windows National Trust associate with all the required serial and PS/2 mouse driver code.


The keyboard remains the first input mechanism for the computer. within the not too distant future, direct voice input devices could displace it. this can not be a complete replacement, however, for several a lot of years. several sorts of keyboards square measure obtainable. they'll be softened into 84-key keyboards like those delivered with the primary computer or into 101-key keyboards like those delivered with the computer AT.

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