AIOU 5644 Library Information Solved Assignment Spring 2021

Q1. Internet shaped the functions of present libraries, how? Discuss.


By the flip of the century, data, as well as access to the net, are the premise for private, economic, and political advancement. the favoured name for the net is that the internet. whether or not you would like to search out the most recent money news, flick through library catalogues or exchange data with colleagues, the net is that the tool which will take you on the far side telephones, faxes, and isolated computers to a burgeoning networked data frontier.

The emergence of pc and telecommunication technologies in recent decades has had a good impact on libraries. several of those technologies are integrated into library operations like acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, interlibrary loan, and reference services. Today's library activities aren't any longer confined inside their physical territories. several libraries area unit electronically networked and bank heavily on pc and telecommunication technologies as a way of providing library and knowledge services. data will be keep in numerous electronic forms and transmitted at high speed over electronic networks to where there area unit pc facilities to receive it. web has become Associate in Nursing integral a part of library and knowledge centers that helps in meeting the data necessities of the users in an exceedingly timely manner. 

"In fact, the library and therefore the web area unit being viewed progressively as a flexible unified system, providing a colossal sort of materials in numerous formats”. the utilization of the net has enabled easy accessibility to several resources, and knowledge sharing has, therefore, considerably inflated. it's become a challenge for librarians to prove the importance of libraries within the age of easy accessibility to the net. to fulfil this challenge, libraries take the initiative to use the net in their public services and internal operations, Associate in Nursing build the net an integral a part of library’s infrastructure.

The term web has been coined from a thought inter-networking that denotes interaction between networking of computers. it's Associate in Nursing umbrella underneath that completely different networks, little and large, freely exchange data across the world.

The Internet may be a tool that connects voluminous computers along, permitting them to speak with one another. data isn't "stored" on the net. Rather, data is keep on host pcs; the net is just a tool that permits you to access the data keep on somebody else’s computer.

Perhaps no alternative recent innovation has wedged the library profession to such a good extent as web. Not solely is our world turning into Associate in Nursing interconnected international community, however this early use of the net has modified the elemental roles, paradigms, and structure culture of libraries and librarians similarly, that created profound impact on L&IS by giving new modes {data of knowledge} delivery and a huge information supply. there's a seamless evolution of the roles and functions of libraries and librarians, that seems to parallel the expansion of acceptance and use of the net by library professionals. The innovative United States of America of web technologies allows us.

Technologies like email and net give tremendous opportunities for library & Inf. Scientists to deliver the data to the desktops of our users. net offers important advantage by integration completely different library & data services with a standard program offered by net browsers. Realizing the potentials, several libraries area unit dashing to obtaining the property.

The following listing can offer an inspiration of that numerous functions of libraries might make the most from web and net technologies.


Correspondence with Book merchant & Publisher. 

Reminders, value verification 

Bibliographic details and downloading of bib. records etc 

Ordering, billing 

Bookshops area unit on-line e.g.


Network resources (in place of standard sources) 

available on internet 

subscribed or free or trial basis 

Dewey on-line 

Maths. organization 

Engineering physical science Lib. Classification 

Search engines like yahoo use DDC

Collection Development: 

Ownership vs Access 

Subscribe in print or e-form 

Subscribe in print similarly as in e-form or Pay-per-use 

Consortia approach


Cataloguing of network resources 

      on-line Catalogues of WorldCat (OCLC) 

WebOPAC websites


Remote login 

    standing check 

OPAC access 

Reminder to users 

User requests 

Direct borrowing o unwell

Resource Sharing: 

Union Catalogue o Access, adding, downloading 

Access to databases over networks 


full text journals access etc


ILL o Document Delivery Service e.g. Ariel o Reference / Inf. Services 

CAS o Recent additions, 

Contents pages 

SDI o From library assortment (Lib. Catalogues)


    web Sources

Preservation & Storage:

The Internet is additionally a medium for the preservation and storage of knowledge. In past, libraries were seen because the main storage facility of knowledge. As society becomes a lot of} additional digital and more data resides on the net, the main target on storage and preservation is shifting. for instance, some educational libraries area unit currently long-faced with the matter of whether or not or to not purchase serials which will be even as simply accessed on  line. Preservation of those same media conjointly becomes a problem of social science, not the “just in case” preservation ideology of the past paradigm. Co joined to the perform preservation is that the destruction of knowledge. as a result of the net will be seen as a medium for protective data, the method of destruction of knowledge is also affected. As additional and additional data is made and keep on the net, the capability to store this data is additionally decreasing.

In the modern times of knowledge explosion, web has become a necessity for the libraries. the utilization of web is currently facilitating the role of librarians that ought to be of nice concern to the profession. the utilization of web tools and services by the libraries area unit dynamical the general development of libraries. Libraries area unit victimisation the net largely for acquisition, cataloguing and reference functions. Librarians will increase the users of libraries by providing valuable data of library holdings through web.

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