AIOU 5659 Language Skills Solved Assignment Spring 2021


Topic appointed 

1. Introduction

Today English plays a significant role in communication of the world village a bit like the rear bone in anatomy. All the developed countries within the world have achieved the quality learning of West Germanic language. however the most drawback is with the developing countries

Today we all know that the full world has modified to a world village. each country and nation of this world village has direct or indirect relation with one another in sphere of education, trade, commerce and health e.g. however there's an excellent drawback of the medium of communication for the individuals of the planet. at the moment we have a tendency to see that English is that the solely international communication medium for the individuals of this world. Village. particularly with Muslim countries. wherever the progress of learning West Germanic language has been suffered by the non secular political orientation. As we have a tendency to see nowadays in Asian country and particularly in social group as a result of most of the individuals belong to poor families and that they cannot afford to urge education privately sector. On the opposite hand in government establishments most of English people academics ar primitive that has greatly affected the training of English as a language. particularly at intermediate level the training of English is extremely worst. as a result of the teacher needs to teach all the topics to all or any the scholars of 1 category the full year. moreover as in rural aras of the geographic area majority of the teacher are teaching at just the once to over one category and this method continues the full year. At intermediate level there's no stress on the house work from the teacher facet. thanks to that once collages time most of the scholars are concerned in kid labor or wandering here and there wasting their precious time. At intermediate level in the categories are terribly giant that are schooled by just one teacher for the full year.

So it's an excellent challenge for North American country that however we will improve the training method of English as a language at intermediate level in giant categories. In most of the establishment no attention is paid to the rights of learners. They pass the time simply by reading the text or doing its translation to Urdu. there's nothing regarding doing inventive activities and no A.V. aids ar wont to facilitate the Student. The strength of the intermediate students at collages are typically larger as compared to the desired teacher that's in some cases eighty or over eighty students are to be schooled by one teacher. the govt. conjointly pays no attention to those issues so as to appoint additional academics in keeping with the requirements. that's why nowadays we have a tendency to face such a lot of issues concerning the teaching of West Germanic language at intermediate level.

Speaking is delineated  as AN interactive method of constructing that means that involves manufacturing and receiving and process data. Speaking depends on the context or matters, context includes the physical setting the needs for speaking is additional usually spontaneous, open concluded and evolving. Speaking needs learners to not solely skills to provide specific points of language like descriptive linguistics, pronunciation however conjointly they perceive once, why and what why to provide language.  

English text books are often exploited to show speaking skills. At middle stage, stage can't be able to turn out excellent oral language. they're going to create mistake in speaking. your time they'll turn out just one or 2 sentences once they asked to participate in discussion .The teacher ought to mix his effort to use text book communicatively by introducing following exercises 

Suggestions for speaking activities at pre-reading stage.

Speaking activities at pre-reading stage 

Discussion on the image  

While introducing the lesson , teacher could show an image associated with lesson teacher could asking the scholars questions about the image , the individuals and also the action of individuals within the image so as to urge oral answers from the scholars 

Discussion on the subject 

Teacher could write topic on sheet and raise the scholars what do they perceive by the subject 

Asking General Comprehension Question 

Teacher could raise students some general comprehension queries before the scholars scan the lesson.

List of words/sentences taken out from the lesson 

The teacher could choose an inventory of words /sentences from the lesson .He could raise the scholars to scan the list and guess regarding the contact of story by discussion it in cluster. 

First/last sentence of lesson 

Teacher could write 1st or last statement of lesson on sheet and raise to debate regarding the lesson in try of cluster. 

Listening is as necessary because the different 3 elements of communication, specifically speaking reading and writing. There ar some causes follow. 

Prejudice against the speaker. 

External Distractions. 

Thinking speed. 

Premature analysis. 

Semantic stereotypes. 


1-Prejudice against the speaker

Perhaps we have a tendency to detected the quotation. “Who is speech communication it shouts thus loudly that what's aforementioned is well forgotten.” we have a tendency to are distracted as a result of UN agency the speaker is conflicts with our attitudes. 

2-External Distractions

The preceding fault was additional of an inside distraction. Some non-verbal cues are sturdy external distractions. 

3-Thinking speed

Most of speak between eighty to one hundred sixty words per minutes. however individuals have the capability to suppose at the outstanding rate up to 800 words per minute. That leaves time on the listener’s hands.

4- linguistics stereotypes

As sure varieties of individuals hassle North American country, thus do their words a motivating category inheritance happens once discussing this question

2. Statement of the Problem:-

“Teaching of English Speaking talent in ist year categories at “Intermediate Level” Speaking skills may be a neglected space in West Germanic language teaching in our faculties.

3. Significance of the Study:-

The study of analysis of drawback with the fulfill teacher and student of West Germanic language. As we all know that West Germanic language is that the language of nowadays world village that is employed in varied field of life. thus there's nice ought to target teaching of English as a language at Intermediate level in giant categories. so as to modify the scholars to cope and complete in varied activities and challenge of the sensible life to be visage by them. there's a desire to supply smart atmosphere to the scholars and academics by the govt.. it'll produce awareness quantity the tutorial planners, high authorities, academics moreover as students regarding English speaking talent learning. so as to inspire them for the higher achievements, Goals and conjointly to beat on the issues of teaching / learning English speaking talent at Intermediate level within the giant categories. Through this study we are going to be able to illustrate issues visage by academics in giant size categories at Intermediate level and recommend solutions for them.

Large Size categories ar those during which variety/the amount/the quantity} of learners is over the desired number.

4. Delimitation:-

The study can delimited to the issues visage by academics in teaching of speaking talent in giant categories in government faculties at Intermediate level in district Rawalpindi

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