AIOU 5661 EFL in the Classroom Solved Assignment Spring 2021



Ask any new ESL/EFL teacher (or, for that matter, a seasoned teacher) what involves mind as associate degree authentic reading activity for his or her learners and virtually definitely one among the primary things they'll say is “using a newspaper”. There has been abundant use and abuse of newspapers within the ELT profession. this text takes a contemporary look into newspapers and suggests what to try and do, and what to maybe AVOID doing.

Why do such a big amount of academics like exploitation newspapers? Well, to start out with, newspapers are far more current than course books. there's additionally loads of data in newspapers that build them a wonderful springboard for lessons. Finally, there are millions of totally different forms of texts in newspapers (narratives, stories, letters, advertisements, reports.)

So what do academics do with newspapers? one among the issues with newspapers is that they're typically used as associate degree up-to-date course book activity. The teacher applies constant pedagogic principles and exercises that are within the course book. 2 major issues tend to emerge from this approach:

It is very long for academics 

It isn't essentially attention-grabbing for learners

If you're progressing to use a newspaper, the task itself ought to be authentic where attainable, not just the fabric. One aim of reading newspapers ought to be to encourage their reading outside the room moreover. If we have a tendency to TEFL is a text an excessive amount of, you run the danger of killing the enjoyment from it.

We have place along a listing of half dozen Dos and half dozen Don’ts that we have a tendency to adhere to once exploitation newspapers in school. browse them and judge for yourself whether or not you agree or not. Then maybe you'll attempt a number of the ideas we have a tendency to embrace that follow.

Newspaper DOs and DON’Ts


Use West Germanic language newspapers made for the local people if you're teaching in a very country wherever English isn't an officer language. several massive cities can have a newspaper in English. The topics among these papers ar seemingly to own additional of a control on the learners than topics that ar specific to a people or yank press.

Allow learners to pick a piece that interests them, work on that and report back to alternative learners.

Be clear on aims. Is it reading or speaking you would like to practice? Or both?

Get learners to browse outside category the maximum amount as attainable.

Make your tasks as authentic because the material. Tasks like “underline all the verbs within the past” ar of restricted price and will be used meagerly. have confidence what folks do after they browse newspapers in their own language.

Help learners to become higher learners. Reading may be a good way of deed language. If you'll get your learners to often read English newspapers then their reading skills, writing skills and vocabulary can improve. quote reading and comprehension of English texts along with your learners moreover, and share ways that they use once reading. however typically do they use a lexicon for example? At the top of a course, do they feel they're reading quicker or better?


Make a song and dance concerning teaching words like headline, editorial, column, and leader. Is it that helpful to learners?

Dwell on comparative vogue and discourse options of tabloid papers versus broadsheets. These ar typically either obvious or of interest solely to journalists and media students.

Assume what you discover attention-grabbing in a very newspaper can interest your learners.

Spend ages with tipped blanking out words (if you would like to try and do this sort of exercise get your learners to white out words themselves and check every other).

Set straightforward tasks for lower level learners with a awfully troublesome piece of text, e.g. realize 3 numbers and 2 countries during this three column on the center East. Unless these tasks ar followed up with a chance to understand and move with the text, they’re arch and (almost) pointless.

Ideas on a way to use newspapers

The following are a listing of ideas on a way to use a newspaper genuinely within the room. Of course, previous habits will continue, thus we've enclosed another, TEFL room kind activities that we have a tendency to like moreover.

Writing activities

1. Letter to the editor

Material: A series of recent newspapers in English

Direct learners to the letters to the editor’s page of the newspaper. raise them to browse a number of the letters and discuss in pairs which of them they realize most interesting/ controversial/ straightforward to grasp. Feedback on this as a category. there's typically one or additional letters within the letter to the editor section which will spark discussion or an issue.

Now raise learners to put in writing their own letter to the editor. they will reply to one among the letters on the page, or they will pen a recent item. they need to write between twenty five and seventy five words. after they have finished, raise them to match letters with a partner and check out to look correct any huge mistakes. flow into and monitor. Then post the letters to the editor round the category, an earlier letter then they ought to copy and cut out the initial letter to that they're responding.

2. letter of the alphabet AND A (question and answer)

Material: Paper and pens, Copies of Notes and Queries section of the Guardian newspaper (optional)

Some newspapers, just like the Guardian Weekly as an example, have a neighbourhood wherever readers write queries and alternative readers answer them. Here is associate degree example:

Set up a letter of the alphabet and A board in your room. hebdomadally raise three or four learners to submit an issue for the board. you'll set an issue (e.g. sports queries, synchronic linguistics queries, motion picture questions) or leave it open. Check the queries for accuracy and post them up. throughout the week raise alternative learners to appear at the queries (as they arrive in school, simply before the top of sophistication, if they end early) and check out write a response to 1 of them. they ought to post their answers beneath the relevant question. you'll do that exploitation 'Post It' notes, because the queries and answers ought to be comparatively short. For additional typical TEFL kind activities attempt the following:

3. temporary News things

In some newspapers, there's a news outline section consisting of the many short news things (one paragraph each). provide every combine of learners one among these news things and raise them to put in writing a headline for it on a separate slip of paper. Collect all the stories and therefore the headlines. Post them on the board or place them on a table and raise learners to match the stories and therefore the headlines.

4. Lies, damn lies

Ask learners to settle on a brief item of reports that they realize attention-grabbing and rewrite it, dynamic  a number of the small print. Have learners exchange news things with a partner and see if they will spot the lies.

Speaking activities 

1. what is this?

Materials: photos cut out of assorted newspapers (not essentially English newspapers)

Cut out some photos from the newspaper of recent news things that ar familiar/ relevant/ of interest to your learners. place the learners in pairs. Demonstrate the activity by holding up an image and doing the following:

Describe what's within the image (there is… there ar… a person is talking… 2 ladies are walking)

Speculate concerning what the news article can be (it may be… it should be he would possibly be)

Ask learners to try and do constant with their image in pairs. As a follow up they may write the caption for the image on a separate piece of paper. Collect the captions and photos. spread them to the learners, United Nations agency currently have to be compelled to realize the image to match the caption.

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