AIOU 6502 Educational Management Solved Assignment Spring 2021

Q3. Critically examine the need and uses of different kinds of schools records which are used at secondary level?


Again, there area unit many kinds of academic records maintained within the kind of registers in an exceedingly college. a number of these include:

(a) attending Registers:

As for as attainable, just one attending register ought to be unbroken by a lecturer. Usually, students’ attending register is maintained by their class-teacher and it maintains a record of students’ names with their attending on each operating day.

Great care ought to be taken to envision that attending is often and properly marked. attending ought to be, ideally, marked doubly each day, one within the morning or starting of the college day and therefore the alternative at the tip of the college day.

No blank areas ought to be left within the register and no dots in pencil ought to be marked in it. It ought to be crammed in with ink solely. However, one will use some letters to form the method of marking the attending quicker like ‘P’ for being gift, ‘A’ for absence, ‘S’ for illness and ‘L’ for leave.

Usually, names of boys and women area unit entered singly although it doesn't serve any specific purpose. For the sake of convenience, students’ names ought to be entered within the register in associate alphabetical order. Holidays have to be compelled to be shown within the attending register beside the character of the vacation, e.g. Sunday; Diwali, Christmas etc.

If a student desires to stay absent, application for leave should be signed by his\her parent or guardian. the applying should clearly specify the explanation for absence and obscure reasons like ‘urgent domestic work’ mustn't be accepted.

In case of absence for a extended length on account of illness, a doctor’s medical certificate ought to accompany the applying for leave. If a student remains absent for a extended length i.e. a couple of week or longer while not intimation, the principal ought to be told instantly.

At the Judgement Day of the month, the full variety of operating days beside the quantity of days every student has remained gift in class have to be compelled to be entered within the register in an exceedingly separate column.

(b) Teachers’ attending Register:

This is usually unbroken within the principal or supervisor’s workplace. It ought to show the time of arrival and departure of a lecturer. It ought to be often signed by a lecturer doubly each day, once once he/she arrives at the college and once at the tip of the college day.

Holidays and their nature ought to be entered during this register. It ought to additionally indicate the quantity and nature of leave taken by academics like casual leave, sick leave, leave while not pay, duty leave, etc. All applications of leave should be filed within the college workplace.

In case of medical leave, a doctor’s certificate should accompany the leave application. Leave application must be sanctioned by the principal.

At the tip of every month, the quantity of days’ casual or leave taken throughout the month ought to be entered within the register. Names of the academics area unit sometimes entered during this register so as of seniority beside their dates of appointment confirmation.

In addition to those 2, there area unit another records to be maintained by a faculty. These include:

(c) Records of Time-tables:

(d) Examination Result’s Records:

(e) Teachers’ Log-book:

It is a record showing details concerning the daily teaching- learning activities of a lecturer. It contains details concerning the date, class, chapter, objectives of the lesson, teaching points, teacher’s activities, students’ activities, audio-visual aids used, home-work given to students, students asked question at the time of recapitulation and analysis of the teachings queries the tests conducted.

It additionally contains house for supervisor’s and principal’s remarks, if any, whereas superintendence teacher’s lessons within the room. This log-book is also within the kind of a written book or loose sheets papers to be unbroken showing neatness in an exceedingly file. Nowadays, rather than a book or sheets of paper, some colleges use computers for recording such details.

A Log-book helps beforehand coming up with of weekly teaching-learning activities, in making certain that teaching of lesson is as per these plans and in maintaining a record for future reference. it's geared toward creating daily work of a lecturer a lot of systematic and arranged.

(f) Conduct Register:

In which the final conduct of all students is recorded. However, if regular progress reports area unit maintained, such a register might not be unbroken.

(g) penalty Register:

In which a record is unbroken of punishments offer by the principal or academics. However, this register is supposed just for serious infractions of rules or misconduct or breaches of discipline.

This register ought to embrace name and sophistication of the scholar, date of misconduct, nature of the breach of discipline, nature of penalty and signature of the principal. All cases entered during this register should be according to the fogeys involved and therefore the date of news to oldsters should be entered within the register.

The principal can even enter during this register, at a later date, his/her remarks regarding the result of the punishment-positive, negative or indifferent on the scholar.

(h) additive Records:

The importance of adequate student records can't be over stressed as they furnish help to a lecturer in up his/her educational programme by understanding the make-up of individual student in his or her category higher.

Individual development trends and tutorial accomplishment patterns become clearly discernible through and additive record card. correct placement and objective planning of student is feasible through the utilization of additive record cards. The a lot of a lecturer is aware of concerning his/her student, the bigger is his\her interest in their Welfare.

A central additive file ought to be organized by the clerical employees therefore the academics area unit spared from this continuous responsibility of receiving and supply records to alternative interested personnel. additive records ought to be unbroken up-to-date and completely confidential.

A good additive record card ought to contain the subsequent info concerning every student:

(1) Name fully, date and place of birth, name of the previous college attended and its location.

(2) Photograph of the scholar, general license number of the scholar.

(3) tutorial accomplishment in terms of marks and/or grades obtained from weight unit category forrader.

(4) Scholastic power take a look at scores, scholastic ability take a look at scores.

(5) Results of temperament and interest inventories and power tests.

(6) Home address.

(7) info concerning home background, variety of relations, siblings, step-parent (if any), languages spoke l, occupation of fogeys or guardian and his\her workplace address, family and residential relationships.

(8) attending knowledge, health record, maturation characteristics, accomplishments and honours, interests and actives, academic and activity aspirations and alternative comments.

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