AIOU 831 Foundation of Education Solved Assignment Spring 2021


Q1. Differentiate between aims, goals and objectives by giving examples.


Aims square measure general statements that offer direction or intent to instructional action. Aims square measure typically written in amorphous terms mistreatment words like: learn, know, understand, appreciate, and these aren't directly measurable. Aims might function organizing principles of instructional direction for over one grade. so these organizing principles might embrace the time of instructional direction for entire programs, disciplines or the district.

Goals square measure statements of instructional intention that square measure a lot of specific than aims. Goals too might embrace a whole program, subject area, or multiple grade levels. they'll be in either amorphous language or in additional specific behavioural terms.

Objectives square measure typically specific statements of instructional intention that delineate either general or specific outcomes. There square measure blessings and downsides to differing types of objectives.  

Aims square measure general statements regarding the goals, ends or intentions of teaching. Objectives square measure the individual stages that learners should come through on the manner so as to achieve these goals. 

Example a tutor may need associate degree aim that a learner ought to be able to save work on a laptop. to realize this aim a series of objectives should be met. eg to make a folder, navigate between menus, save a document.

Aims square measure general, objectives square measure specific.

There square measure a lot of objectives than aims.

Aims square measure like strategy, objective square measure like ways

Goal is associate degree end product which individuals need to realize. it's associate degree target were all and sundry need to achieve. It may be of any term short or long. Goals square measure specific statements of intent. it's associate degree target or destination. Goals keep you targeted on your aims and on course operating to realize it. 

Aims could be a purpose or the need outcome. it's a lot of general then goal as a result of aims refers to associate degree end product. Aims aren't continuously accomplished by goal however to realize associate degree need outcome there should be associate degree action arrange in situ. it's setting a determined course so as to realize a group target. Aims square measure typically future

Objective might be used interchangeably with goal however is a smaller amount emotional and will lack the why element. also can be utilized in a military science context. 

An example:

It is your objective to capture that hill (tactical). The strategic want (goal) for hill is to supply a defendable specialty whereas denying associate degree observation platform for the enemy.

Aim is way a lot of military science in intent and is best utilized in communication with another: "We aim to supply first class service" (Why?). there's little emotional impact (who cares?)

Aim is essentially a mark or a target that an individual will have the flexibility to achieve which needs discipline, exercise or follow. A goal on the opposite hand, is to achieve a way of satisfaction wherever desires is being met. Aim may be adjusted and changes as accomplished whereas goal cannot.

The objective of the project should be in accordance with the studies, conditions and monetary fund reality of the corporate. it's typically asked an excessive amount of to an easy website: "being the primary in Google" or things like "We need to be the Apple" sound like nice goals however square measure not possible to realize with associate degree isolated job and, if that's the need, the primary project is to style the Strategy to realize those huge objectives.

The goals square measure less complicated however key so you'll be able to show the progress and within the finish the question is finished. These goals ought to be once more, realistic to what the corporate is {and needs|and needs|and desires} to be: "we want this application printed in iTunes in 3 months" is not possible to significantly involves knowing however contracts work, purchase orders and the way they wish to pay to the massive firms.

A goal are a few things thought of from a brief or future perspective, it will mean one thing, or it will mean nothing the least bit. You Aim to finish one thing with associate degree intention once managing everything that you just wherever bestowed with before beginning one thing, objectives square measure things that you just return up thereupon assist you reach goals, they're things that facilitate to encourage and encourage still as produce focus.


Broad and general

Not needed to be quantified

Timeline is annual or longer

No definite point in time needed


Specific and precise

Must each measurable and quantified

Timeline is monthly or quarterly

Must have a concrete point in time


In education the distinction between goals and objectives is simpler for many individuals to overlook. the bulk of individuals can simply see the course that they have to require.

On the opposite hand, it's the academics responsibility to present the Student purpose toward the action of taking the course. The academics should establish each set learning objectives and a course goal. each square measure necessary for the Student to fully perceive and permit them to pass their course.

The course goal is that the meant outcome, before the Student  ever taking the category. The goal is that the broad result the Student should accomplish at the top of the course.

In terms of education a course goal is essentially the training outcome. it's the most reason and intention a student attends the category. The goal aims at providing a basic summary regarding the aim of the course. it's typically not realistic for the course goal to be complete in one setting.

That is why there square measure typically a number of settings or semesters to additional prepare and guide the coed to the goal.

Each semester should embody objectives. each objective should have the training goal in mind. academics should take the proper approach by giving clear objectives to guide their students on the manner.

The purpose of the training objectives is to live whether or not or not the Student is meeting the training goal. With the employment of the objectives, the teacher will keep track of the student's progression throughout the complete course.

They will verify what the Student has truly accomplished by mensuration the objectives. which will be the deciding issue to work out if the Student passes the course.

The distinction between goals and objectives may be somewhat troublesome to signifies initially look for a few. each square measure the tools used and required for accomplishing what you wish to realize. The goal being the intentional main focus of a planned project or course.

The objectives being what defines the actions you need to want reach the most goal. to realize your primary goal your objectives ought to be created into sensible, summarized sub goals. Relevant to the targeted goal, the objectives ought to be measured, gettable and regular.

The complexness or however easy your objectives square measure can verify what proportion time it'll want reach your goal.

So to summarize the most distinction between goals and objectives. Goals square measure the first and necessary end product of the objectives. Goals square measure future, massive in size, and can't be measured. The objectives square measure the steps or sub-goals completed on the manner.

They are medium or smaller as compared and easier to get, that makes them measurable and time economical. If you're still a bit confused, you'll be able to think about it as if it were an easy ladder. you intend to climb to the highest of the ladder.

The goal would, therefore, be the terribly high platform that you just will reach. The objectives would play the a part of every step you need to use to form the climb up the ladder to the highest.

Difference between goals and objectives

Goals square measure the outcomes you plan to realize, whereas objectives square measure the particular actions and measurable steps that you just got to want come through a goal. Goals and objectives add tandem bicycle to realize success. If you produce goals while not clear objectives, you run the danger of not accomplishing your goals.

The following square measure some major variations between goals and objectives:

Alignment and order: Goals square measure set to realize the mission of a company or individual, whereas objectives square measure set for the accomplishment of goals. Goals square measure therefore higher so as than objectives.

Scope: Goals square measure broad intentions and square measure typically incapable of being measured in quantitative units. Objectives square measure narrower than goals and square measure delineate in terms of specific tasks.

Specificity: Goals square measure general statements of what's to be achieved. they are doing not specify the tasks that require to be performed to accomplish them. Objectives, on the opposite hand, square measure specific actions one takes among a precise timeframe.

Tangibility: Goals may be intangible and non-measurable, however objectives square measure outlined in terms of tangible targets. as an example, the goal to “provide glorious client service” is intangible, however the target to “reduce client wait time to 1 minute” is tangible and helps in achieving the most goal.

Timeframe: Goals square measure set to be achieved over an extended amount, whereas objectives square measure meant for a shorter timeframe. A goal is typically divided into many objectives meet multiple time frames.

Objectives square measure concrete targets or goals of the corporate, that has to be consummated among a timeframe and with restricted resources. {they square measure / they're} utilized in totally different context and are within the style of short sentences, explaining what you wish truly.

Objectives act as associate degree instruction for the staff of the corporate, what they have to try and do, to achieve the required result. they need a brief vary perspective, i.e. they're little steps taken by the entity to achieve the future aim. The characteristic of objectives square measure delineate as SMART+C:




Realistic or Relevant

Time sure


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