AIOU 838 Curriculum Development Solved Assignment Spring 2021

Q1. Explain the major factors leading to effective implementation of curriculum in schools.


Modern world continues progressing day by day: folks gift new inventions, demonstrate demands, amendment interests, chuck their primary functions, and take a look at to follow their personal concepts. every sphere undergoes wide changes and causes the event of everything.

It is not a surprise that programme development becomes addicted to sure factors. Among the variability of those factors, such points like political instability and technological innovations are considered the foremost vital ones.

Politics features a sure impact on all spheres of life, and instability of politics ends up in instability in existence. it always defines goals and content; political issues ought to be admitted whereas programme development; and political choices could amendment the necessities for programme development.

If the sphere of politics can not be known as stable, it becomes arduous to clarify why some points among programme development have to be compelled to be deleted, and new concepts ought to be thought of.

Political corruption negatively influences programme development, and politicians have to be compelled to management their actions and thoughts to not worsen true however gift the concepts that facilitate to enhance, support, and develop flourishing curriculums.

If political pressure is in check in reference to programme development, the success of this improvement is clear. In different case, educational leaders, UN agency wish to enhance this issue, have 2 potential ways in which out: to guard the chosen sphere from political influence or work with politicians to enhance true from each side.

The influence of technological progress is discovered in every sphere of life, and once the time for programme development comes, the technological purpose plays a very important role.

Technological innovations is also applied to programme development in many ways in which “as an idea for the systematic use of assorted devices and media” and because the issue that “is found in models and procedures for the development or development and analysis of programme materials and educational systems” 

Many students usually have a tough time maintaining with college or perhaps sure categories. For that reason, many faculties usually provide a programme amendment that will all right have an effect on the time that faculty starts, the time that categories begin and even the time that faculty ends.

The reason why many faculties amendment their programme is to create it easier for each the lecturers and students regulate or have an improved time with the schedule. many faculties amendment their programme at the start of every year, all counting on their students and what's going to build it easier for lecturers to try and do their job.


Factors that contribute to a programme amendment varies between the dimensions of the whole student body, budget cuts, the number of lecturers that are in class and the way several categories every student takes a year.

Since students ought to take a definite quantity of categories each year, the school’s programme makes it easier for college kids and lecturers to induce through the year at a way quicker pace and with fewer issues.

Most of the time, students complain as a result of they believe that they're taking too several categories and that they don’t have enough time to review for them.

The changes within the school’s programme helps eliminate all of those issues and a lot of throughout the year.


Teachers really favor changes within the programme as a result of they recognize that students are abundant totally different currently than before, and also the establishment is consistently ever-changing further. it's vital to recollect that changes in a very programme ar created to confirm that students get the maximum amount out of their categories as potential which lecturers don't get burned out either.

Most factors that influence a programme amendment ar largely directly connected to folks and also the students. colleges build necessary changes which will facilitate each lecturers and students get through the year higher, and with less issues

As Whitaker (1979) asserts that the lecturers read their role in programme implementation as Associate in Nursing autonomous one. They choose and judge what to show from the prescribed course of study or programme. Since implementation takes place through the interaction of the learner and also the planned learning opportunities, the role and influence of the teacher within the method is indisputable.

Several factors have an effect on all programme development in meeting the wants of twenty first century learners in each organized educational settings and corporation learning centers. Factors poignant programme development embrace government rules, that successively bring different factors into the method. Valid programme development needs awareness of the variety of the target community socially, financially and psychologically.

1. Political issue

Politics have an effect on programme development in varied ways in which.

How politics influences programme style and development starts with funding. each personal and public academic establishments think about funding for hiring personnel, building and maintaining facilities and instrumentation. All aspects of programme rely on native, state and national political standards.


Politics affects programme development from shaping goals, deciphering information materials to approving examination systems,

2. Social issue

Society has its own expectations regarding the aims and objectives that ought to  be thought of once planning the programme. It conjointly features a perception of what the merchandise of the college system ought to appear as if. it's thus necessary for programme designers to require in to account these social group issues.


Subjects that has gender education and social science have proven troublesome to incorporate within the programme owing to the resistance from some non secular teams.

3. Economic issue

Economics influences programme development.

Curriculum developed for in house coaching in firms focuses on educating staff for promotions that bring higher returns in profits. Nations funding education expect Associate in Nursing economic come from educated students contributory to the country's economy with world competition skills in technical fields


Nations funding education expect Associate in Nursing economic come from educated students contributory to the country's economy with world competition skills in technical fields

4. Technological

Technology driven programme development is that the norm of the twenty first century.

The computer technology of the twenty first century influences programme development at each level of learning. Learning centers and school rooms progressively offer computers as requisite interaction for studies among students. Technological multimedia system use influences academic goals and learning experiences among students.


  • collegian and graduate degrees in engineering will increase in quality.
  • Diversity

Curriculum development have an effect on from diversity opens learning opportunities.

Social diversity together with faith, culture and social groupings affects programme development as a result of these characteristics influence the kinds of topics and strategies for teaching info. Developing relevant programme takes into consideration society's expectations, accommodating cluster traditions and promoting equality.

5. Atmosphere

Environment problems have an effect on programme development.

World awareness and action toward reversing and ending pollution continues poignant programme development. Typical elementary school rooms teach exercise and healthy environmental practices.


Higher education within the sciences provide environmentally-focused degrees. e.g

Environmental degree ,bio-technology etc.

6. Developmental psychology

Many students with a masters or PhD degree in child psychology add academic settings as college psychologists, that is smart once considering the stress placed on the adolescence. However, there ar many child psychology concentrations offered on that students will focus:

o organic process Studies for Educators

o   Aging

o   Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence

o period Development

o   Biological Bases of Development

The Learners 

Learners also are a essential part in programme implementation. whereas lecturers ar the arbiters of the room follow, the learners hold the key to what's really transmitted and adopted from the official programme. The official programme is quite totally different from the programme that's really enforced. 

Resource Materials and Facilities

From your expertise, you're aware that no purposeful teaching and learning present itself while not adequate resource materials. this is applicable to programme implementation further.

Interest teams

Can you determine interest teams in your country that would influence the implementation of curricula? variety of those teams exist in most societies. These embrace oldsters, parents’ and teachers’ associations, non secular organizations, native authorities, corporations and personal college proprietors. 

The School atmosphere 

One different issue that influences programme implementation issues the actual circumstances of every college. colleges settled in made socio-economic environments and people that have adequate human Associate in Nursing material resources will implement the programme to an extent that might be troublesome or not possible for colleges in poor economic environments.

Culture and beliefs 

Cultural and philosophical  variations among a society or country also can influence programme implementation. Some communities could resist a authoritarian culture or government ideology and thus have an effect on the implementation of the centrally planned programme.

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