AIOU 967 Advertising Assignment Spring 2021

Q1.   Critically analyse the qualities deemed helpful in the selection of media for advertising.         


When you square measure getting ready to advertise a replacement product or service, it’s vital to contemplate the sort of media to use. There square measure several advantages to exploitation every totally different medium, however that one is correct for your offer? the correct possibility for you'll rely on factors like your objectives, the character of your product or service, and also the credibleness of the medium. Here square measure a number of the foremost vital issues to form, and the way our ad agency for newspapers and magazines will assist you.

Company Objectives

The biggest factor you wish to contemplate once choosing your medium is that the company’s general and advertising objectives. the target for your ad could also be to tell, remind, persuade, produce status, or increase sales and profits. betting on the media you select, you'll have a varied capability to satisfy these objectives.

The Nature of the merchandise

If the merchandise itself are a few things that's required or adds price to a reader’s life, it'll boost the effectiveness of your ad. However, the character of the merchandise also will verify which sort of advertising media is that the best. If the merchandise needs an indication, tv and digital advertising can work best. things like wines, alcohols, and cigarettes square measure solely ever publicised in medium. contemplate the sort of product before selecting your platform.

Potential Market

The aim of each campaign is to bring the message to your prospects in associate economic and effective manner. this needs distinctive the potential marketplace for the merchandise, which has the amount of consumers, region, financial gain pattern, age range, interests, likes and dislikes, etc. If the goal is to achieve prospects in an exceedingly high-income cluster, you must ask for advertising in magazines. If you're targeting an {area|a neighbourhood} area, advertisements in newspapers and native magazines or unsolicited mail cards square measure best. Radio, television, and cinema ads square measure simpler if {you square measure you're} targeting people that are illiterate.

Credibility and Image of the Medium

Credibility is crucial particularly within the case of newspapers and magazines. tv and digital advertising haven't been ready to establish the extent of credibleness that newspapers and magazines have. medium platforms carry a heavier impression and influence than alternative kinds of media. individuals square measure a lot of probably to trust ads that square measure placed in medium than those who seem on tv or the web.

Cost of the Medium

Cost is a very important issue to contemplate once selecting your medium. Ads in sure kinds of media square measure costlier than others. you'll probably pay a lot of for tv and radio ads, whereas magazine and advert placements square measure more cost-effective. Even at intervals every medium, there square measure a varied of prices. The advertising prices in newspapers that square measure national can price over native ones, particularly as a result of they need a bigger circulation and reach a wider audience.

Classification of the Audience

Class is another issue to contemplate once selecting your media platform. you need to note of the category of the audience that you just attempt to influence along with your ad. The audience is usually classified into totally different teams supported status, age, academic level, income, religion, and cultural interests. they'll even be classified by gender. These classifications square measure meant to assist you've got the foremost impact on your prospects. sure merchandise connect with sure individuals, that is why you need to contemplate the category of your audience. You won’t be terribly effective advertising diapers in an exceedingly sports magazine, or a replacement retirement target a young adult fashion magazine.

Extent of Coverage

Another vital space to contemplate is that the extent of coverage. This refers to the amount of individuals which will be exposed to your ad. Some media platforms generate world attention, whereas others square measure designed just for alittle region. native newspapers, for instance, square measure just for a selected region, whereas national papers find yourself within the hands of individuals everywhere the country.

Reputation of the Medium

Newspapers and magazines carry a positive name. they're viewed as trustworthy, and extremely valuable for reliable info. this {can be} why ads in magazines can be effective. you'll produce lovely illustrations that inspire readers to travel searching or visit your computing device. Some newspapers and magazines have a global name with a high audience. selecting to post your ad in an exceedingly honorable magazine or newspaper can add status to your product and evoke trust from your reader.

Media accessibility

Another challenge to contemplate is that the lack of accessibility of media. All the desired media for your campaign might not be out there at the opportune time for your campaign. This issue is a lot of common with radio and tv platforms—a medium agent will assist you realize accessibility that works along with your goals, timing, and budget.

Q.4 Explain the methods and techniques of launching an advertising campaign. How is an advertising campaign launched? Discuss in detail.


There square measure totally different checks and a number of other techniques in every of the test to gauge advertising effectiveness. check depends on the aspects to be evaluated. supported prince Kotler’s views, allow us to 1st discuss classification of tests (various ways that or approaches) to guage advertising effectiveness.

1. Pre-test and Post Test:

Pre-test implies testing advertising message before it's sent to specific media. Post check implies testing impact of advertising message once it's revealed in any of the media.

2. Communication and Sales impact Test:

Communication check measures communicability (ability to communicate) of the message. Whereas sales-effect check measures advertising impact on sales volume.

3. Laboratory and Field Test:

Clearly, a laboratory check is conducted during a controlled setting during a restricted scale. Respondents square measure invited during a laboratory to state their response. Quite opposite, a field trial is conducted in original setting, artificial climate isn't created. it's similar as conducting survey to live what customers consider company’s advert.

4. Experimental and Survey Test:

Experimental check involves checking advertising impact by conducting test by manipulating experimental variable (i.e., advertising efforts) and measure the impact of the manipulation on different dependent variables like sales, profits, shopper satisfaction, etc. Experimental check could also be laboratory or field trial. Survey check concerned knowing consumers’ view’s through a survey technique.

5. Message and Media impact Test:

While message check involves measure clarity, contents, credibility, action ability, etc., of the message, the media check measures effectiveness/ quality of 1 or a lot of media.

Mostly, an organization is interested to live advertisement’s communication impact and sales impact. Therefore, it's worthy to debate communication and sales impact check.

Communication and Sales impact Test:

Among many tests, the communication check and therefore the sales impact check square measure a lot of relevant as a result of success of cause depends on however so much advertising has influenced data, attitudes and preference of the target customers. within the same method, a sales volume is that the final aim of all selling efforts (including advertising). Advertising should increase sales. Therefore, analysis of advertising effectiveness, in most cases, consists of evaluating communication check and sales impact check.

Methods for Communication impact Test:

Communication impact check seeks to work out whether or not advert is capable to speak effectively.

Following strategies square measure used:

1. Direct Rating Test:

In this technique, shoppers square measure asked to rate/rank various advertisements. {they square measure|they're} exposed to totally different ads and are requested to rate them. shoppers will contemplate varied criteria to rate the advert, like message contents, message clarity, coordination, and overall impression.

2. Recall Test:

It measures the retention price of ad message. The shoppers square measure asked to pay attention and/or read the actual advert. they're then asked to recall identical. the quantity of contents and message they recall determines effectiveness of advert.

3. Portfolio Test:

Here, the shoppers square measure asked to look at and/or hear a portfolio of advertisements. they're given the maximum amount time as they have. they're then asked to recall all the ads and their contents. Their recall level indicates Associate in Nursing advertisement’s ability to have an effect on consumers’ data and arouse interest.

4. Laboratory Test:

The check is conducted in laboratory. Necessary equipment’s ar} wont to measure consumers’ physical reactions in terms of heartbeat, pressure, perspiration, etc., to an ad.

Methods Sales impact Test:

While the communication impact check measures communication ability of the ad, the sales have an effect on check measures ad’s ability to influence sales. Ad should have an effect on sales absolutely. In fact, advertising’s sales impact is troublesome to check as a result of sales square measure influenced by several factors besides advertising, as well as product’s options, price, availableness, and competition.

Following 2 strategies square measure used:

1. Historical Test:

The check involves correlating the past sales to the past advertising expenditures victimisation advance applied mathematics techniques. The results will reveal however so much advert was effective in generating or increasing sales. The check is used for various product, territories and ad media, or normally.

2. Experimental Test:

Experiment is conducted to assess impact of advert on sales. rather than defrayment identical per cent of sales for advert all told territories or product, an organization spends totally different proportion of sales for advert. Company will simply choose whether or not high-spending territories have resulted in increasing sales and vice-versa.

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